In Sierra Leone, where CLC has four bookshops, the Ebola crisis shows no sign of stabilising yet. Praise God our staff members are keeping well, but the bookshop ministry is struggling with lack of funds and stock at what should be a busy time of year.It is so sad to see customers coming for Bibles, “the book that will give them courage” as the CLC Director Donald John says, but we have run out of stock and can’t afford to order more. The same applies to daily devotionals, which are much in demand.In addition, the team live with the constant threat of the Ebola virus and at any time can expect the government to shut the city down, isolating people in their homes for as much as 7 days. CLC opened a new bookshop in Makeni earlier this year. Currently no one can enter or leave the town. Our bookshop there is closed and Alie, the manager, is isolated and unable to travel. Thankfully he is still able to keep in touch with the rest of the team by phone so we know he is well at the moment.

Via:: CLC International News