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Nous sommes une organisation missionnaire

CLC, une organisation missionnaire

La CLC est une organisation missionnaire présente dans une cinquantaine de pays dans le monde et notamment en Afrique. Là, nous y sommes présents principalement en Afrique de l’Ouest à savoir au Bénin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone et Liberia et en Afrique de l’Est au Kenya et au Mozambique. Il y a donc […]

Living with Ebola

In Sierra Leone, where CLC has four bookshops, the Ebola crisis shows no sign of stabilising yet. Praise God our staff members are keeping well, but the bookshop ministry is struggling with lack of funds and stock at what should be a busy time of year.It is so sad to see customers coming for Bibles, “the book that will give them courage” as the CLC Director Donald John says, but we have run out of stock and can’t afford to order more. The same applies to daily devotionals, which are much in demand.In addition, the team live with the constant threat of the Ebola virus and at any time can expect the government to shut the city down, isolating people in their homes for as much as 7 days. CLC opened a new bookshop in Makeni earlier this year. Currently no one can enter or leave the town. Our bookshop there is closed and Alie, the manager, is isolated and unable to travel. Thankfully he is still able to keep in touch with the rest of the team by phone so we know he is well at the moment.

CLC Philippines November 2013

We are grateful that CLC in the Philippines has not been directly affected by the recent typhoon Haiyan that has devastated so many lives and homes.Individual CLC members in the Philippines are looking for ways to help the victims of the typhoon and CLC will give some financial aid to buy goods to be channelled through an NGO.The CLC bookshop that was nearest to the storm’s path is in Cebu City. Although the city was spared any major damage, conditions are far from ideal there at the moment – in fact, just 4 days after typhoon Haiyan, Cebu City and the surrounding area experienced an earthquake and another tropical depression bringing high winds and heavy rainfall was forecast.CLC Cebu is due to relocate to another part of the city this month and the plan is to have it ready and open for business before Christmas 2013.

Fire in Venezuela. 04.09.2013

There has been a serious fire next door to our HQ / warehouse in Valencia, Venezuela. Our building (which was brand new when we moved here in 2010) has been severely affected as well, with at least 20% of the roof destroyed, and with stock and equipment damaged. There is also 2-3 cm of water in the office area, which we assume is due to the fire services.No-one was hurt as it happened in the early hours of this morning, but this will cause considerable disruption for many months.

Publishing in Poland

In addition to improving the website ( and making more use of social media, as a means to contact and inform people about the CLC bookshops, CLC Poland is publishing books once more.So far this year, two Roy Hession books have been published in Polish – ‘Calvary Road’ and ‘Be Filled Now’. A third title, ‘We Would See Jesus’, is just about to be released. We are already hearing some encouraging news regarding these titles: A pastor of a Methodist church spoke of a woman who, having just read Calvary Road, stood up in church to tell the congregation that they should all read the book. Ten copies were immediately sold! A customer had borrowed a copy of Calvary Road from a friend but came to the shop to buy a copy of her own as she had appreciated it so much. The book’ Be Filled Now’ had just come from the printers so she bought a copy of that book too and ordered a copy of the third book still to be published! Another customer overheard the conversation about these books and she purchased copies as well!