Occasionally we are asked, or the opportunity arises, to take over an existing Christian bookshop. We carefully consider these possibilities for growth where others have been the pioneers in establishing the work.In the first half of 2014, we have taken over 4 existing bookshops and this figure could increase before the end of the year. * In February, CLC Colombia took up responsibility for 2 bookshops in the city of Ibagué. These shops were previously run independently, by people who were faithful customers of CLC Colombia Wholesale. * Around the same time, CLC Indonesia took on the lease of a small bookshop in a large shopping centre (The City of Tomorrow Mall) in Surabaya. This had previously been a family-run business and the request for CLC to take it over was an unexpected, but welcome, surprise as the team in Indonesia were already looking at possibilities for bookshops in shopping malls! * CLC UK already has an established bookshop in Birmingham but recently they agreed to open a second bookshop in the UK’s second largest city (with a population of just over 1 million), when another Christian bookshop chain no longer wanted the premises. The property (in the photo) is owned by, and attached to, a church.

Via:: CLC International News