CRT is the annual Christian trade show for booksellers, publishers, producers and suppliers in the UK. It took place from 2nd to 3rd June, 2014.Among the many well-deserved plaques and recognitions at the gala dinner, CLC is greatly honoured and encouraged to be in receipt of two awards: CLC Wholesale was named Distributor of the Year for the third time in succession and CLC Bookshops was recognised as Retail Group of the Year – an award last won in 2012.Both awards are a fitting recognition of the effort, commitment and dedication of our staff (which includes quite a number of part-time volunteers) to get reliable Christian resources into people’s hands so that lives are transformed and the Kingdom of God advanced. We continue to take steps to improve our service through our warehouse and bookshops and it is fulfilling to know that those taken so far have been well received. Well done Team CLC UK!

Via:: CLC International News