The Madrid bookshop has operated from two different locations, but both in the same street, for at least 30 years. We have now moved 50 metres away to a different street for our third premises! At the same time, the wholesale department has been moved from our warehouse on the outskirts of the capital into storage facilities right next to the shop.Amazingly, we are in a much bigger and better location than the previous bookshop and all for a lower rent. This, combined with the rental income we hope to achieve from the CLC owned warehouse, should relieve the financial pressure we have been under in this country where many people are facing economic hardship these days. This new CLC centre is not only very attractive, and easy for existing customers to find, but will also be much more flexible in the way it operates and the way we serve our customers.An opening ceremony took place on June 13th and was attended by the CLC Spanish team, friends of CLC and representatives from other Christian book ministries in the city. Neil Wardrope, CLC’s International Director, and Darwin Ashley Vergel, the Director for CLC Spain, were interviewed for an online Christian news organisation as part of the day’s celebrations. new shop address is Marquez de Mondejar 34, 28028 Madrid

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