“The Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) is a very big bank in India. We [ELS India] have an account with them in a fairly major branch in Purasawalkam. Just before Christmas, the staff at the Purasawalkam branch wanted to have a Christmas celebration even though they are all, with just three or four exceptions, Hindus.They approached me and asked if I would conduct a Christmas function in the bank, during which time business would go on as usual. A lot of customers, including several VIP customers, were invited by the bank for the occasion and the IOB’s General Manager, a Hindu from the north of India, came from the bank’s regional office. Including staff and customers, there were about 250 people present.Rita and I went there together with four of our young men on the team who between them can sing and play the guitar and keyboard. We sang for a while then I shared the Christmas message. Then, as I was invited to, I had the opportunity to pray for the staff. The whole event seemed to be much appreciated by the bank officials and everyone else who gathered there.Surprisingly, the next day, the news of this event was included in a leading newspaper in India (in Tamil) complete with a photo. This paper has circulation throughout the country in different languages, including a digital version, which is read all over the world. A customer from Hyderabad called me and said he saw the news in his own language!This has really given some good publicity to ELS since the name ‘Evangelical Literature Service” is clearly mentioned in the news.”

Via:: CLC International Articles