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Héritage Cantiques de Noël

Sébastien Demrey et Jimmy Lahaie nous reviennent avec un album de la collection Héritage de : Noël. Des hymnes classiques pour vous préparer à célébrer la naissance du Seigneur. “La vision derrière ce projet consiste à revisiter les cantiques connus de type religieux, centrés sur la nativité de Jésus et sa mission sur la terre […]

Livraison au Québec et aux États-Unis – Promotion

Pour le Québec Gratuite, vous avez dit «gratuite» ! Oui, gratuite. Les frais de poste sont gratuits pour toute commande de 75$ et plus (avant taxes) et ce partout au Québec (s’applique sur le courrier standard seulement). Cette offre est valide jusqu’au 31 décembre 2014 à minuit. Cette promotion peut être interrompue sans préavis. Pour les […]

Living with Ebola

In Sierra Leone, where CLC has four bookshops, the Ebola crisis shows no sign of stabilising yet. Praise God our staff members are keeping well, but the bookshop ministry is struggling with lack of funds and stock at what should be a busy time of year.It is so sad to see customers coming for Bibles, “the book that will give them courage” as the CLC Director Donald John says, but we have run out of stock and can’t afford to order more. The same applies to daily devotionals, which are much in demand.In addition, the team live with the constant threat of the Ebola virus and at any time can expect the government to shut the city down, isolating people in their homes for as much as 7 days. CLC opened a new bookshop in Makeni earlier this year. Currently no one can enter or leave the town. Our bookshop there is closed and Alie, the manager, is isolated and unable to travel. Thankfully he is still able to keep in touch with the rest of the team by phone so we know he is well at the moment.

Another New Bookshop for CLC in 2014

CLC (known locally as ELS) India opened its 21st bookshop on Friday August 22nd. The shop, built especially for the purpose, is situated in the compound of the Bangalore Baptist Hospital and staff members have been waiting for a long time to have such a facility on site. ELS now has 4 bookshops in Bangalore.The inauguration was held during the usual Friday morning chapel service in the hospital. The chapel seats around 150 people but as between 400 and 500 hospital staff, CLC staff and guests attended, they used a much larger auditorium.The event included music from the chapel choir, ministry from Sundeep Daniel, a well known Christian and the chief of Malaysian Airlines in India, and Christopher Robert, the CLC National Director, shared national and international news about CLC.There have already been many visitors to the new bookshop!

New Bookshops in 2014

Occasionally we are asked, or the opportunity arises, to take over an existing Christian bookshop. We carefully consider these possibilities for growth where others have been the pioneers in establishing the work.In the first half of 2014, we have taken over 4 existing bookshops and this figure could increase before the end of the year. * In February, CLC Colombia took up responsibility for 2 bookshops in the city of Ibagué. These shops were previously run independently, by people who were faithful customers of CLC Colombia Wholesale. * Around the same time, CLC Indonesia took on the lease of a small bookshop in a large shopping centre (The City of Tomorrow Mall) in Surabaya. This had previously been a family-run business and the request for CLC to take it over was an unexpected, but welcome, surprise as the team in Indonesia were already looking at possibilities for bookshops in shopping malls! * CLC UK already has an established bookshop in Birmingham but recently they agreed to open a second bookshop in the UK’s second largest city (with a population of just over 1 million), when another Christian bookshop chain no longer wanted the premises. The property (in the photo) is owned by, and attached to, a church.

Moving in Madrid

The Madrid bookshop has operated from two different locations, but both in the same street, for at least 30 years. We have now moved 50 metres away to a different street for our third premises! At the same time, the wholesale department has been moved from our warehouse on the outskirts of the capital into storage facilities right next to the shop.Amazingly, we are in a much bigger and better location than the previous bookshop and all for a lower rent. This, combined with the rental income we hope to achieve from the CLC owned warehouse, should relieve the financial pressure we have been under in this country where many people are facing economic hardship these days. This new CLC centre is not only very attractive, and easy for existing customers to find, but will also be much more flexible in the way it operates and the way we serve our customers.An opening ceremony took place on June 13th and was attended by the CLC Spanish team, friends of CLC and representatives from other Christian book ministries in the city. Neil Wardrope, CLC’s International Director, and Darwin Ashley Vergel, the Director for CLC Spain, were interviewed for an online Christian news organisation as part of the day’s celebrations. new shop address is Marquez de Mondejar 34, 28028 Madrid

CRT 2014

CRT is the annual Christian trade show for booksellers, publishers, producers and suppliers in the UK. It took place from 2nd to 3rd June, 2014.Among the many well-deserved plaques and recognitions at the gala dinner, CLC is greatly honoured and encouraged to be in receipt of two awards: CLC Wholesale was named Distributor of the Year for the third time in succession and CLC Bookshops was recognised as Retail Group of the Year – an award last won in 2012.Both awards are a fitting recognition of the effort, commitment and dedication of our staff (which includes quite a number of part-time volunteers) to get reliable Christian resources into people’s hands so that lives are transformed and the Kingdom of God advanced. We continue to take steps to improve our service through our warehouse and bookshops and it is fulfilling to know that those taken so far have been well received. Well done Team CLC UK!

Getting the Word around the World

Each of these teams has been publishing Christian books in their countries for a number of years or is about to begin doing so.Here is an overview of what CLC is doing around the world in publishing:-Korea – CLC has been publishing books in Korea for over 40 years. Their focus has been on producing academic materials for the fast growing Seminary and Bible College community. Given that the Presbyterian Church is one of the largest evangelical groups in Korea, the emphasis has been on translating and publishing books by reformed authors. Over the decades, the team has published 1500 books and they currently have 800 in print. CLC Korea is the largest publishing house in the CLC World and operates from a beautiful four story building in downtown Seoul. They have recently built a new and larger warehouse space to house the books they have published. With the growth of the evangelical church in Korea, the team is now looking to expand their publishing emphasis beyond the academic niche they have developed so well. It was great to see two of the books that they acquired from CLC Publications in the USA being featured in their showroom.India – The team in India has reignited their publishing efforts in the last seven years. They are the second largest publishing house in the CLC World with over 600 titles in print. More than half of these are in the Tamil language. The team leader, Christopher Robert, has led the way in re-establishing their English language publishing initiatives. We have worked very closely with him and many of the titles that CLC USA first acquired are now being produced for the Indian market at very affordable prices. In the last 18 months they have launched a growing e-commerce website that is filling orders from all over the country.Colombia – The team in Colombia produces the Spanish language materials for the rest of the CLC World and has 150 titles in print. They publish as many as twelve new titles each year and work with many of the largest evangelical publishers in the USA to get high quality content. We have a special relationship with this team and have given them first right of refusal to publish any of our titles in Spanish. Over the years, this has been a fruitful partnership and many of our new titles are quickly translated into Spanish and made available to the public. The work in Colombia is growing so fast that they have recently purchased a sizeable new warehouse to house the books they publish and distribute.Myanmar – CLC has been publishing books in the Burmese language since 1992. Today they have over 200 books in print and have published some very important books including the Lion Bible Handbook and the Purpose Driven Life. Jacob Mung, the team leader, has worked sacrificially with his team to make evangelical Christian literature available in this country that is closed to outside missionary influence. One local pastor has said that Jacob’s efforts have changed the trajectory of Christianity in his country. They are now beginning of creating the first ever Burmese Language Study Bible. Ideally it will be available by 2017.Philippines – The CLC team in the Philippines produce books in both Tagalog and English. Today they have nearly 300 titles in print and are working on as many as twenty new books a year. It was exciting to hear their desire to produce more books by local Philippine authors. They have worked closely with CLC USA to get rights for English language printing and have made many of our new books available within a year of their first publication in the USA.Pakistan – CLC publishes books in the Urdu language in this predominantly Muslim country. They are currently working on two books by Lee Strobel, including ‘The Case for Christ’…. Given the small number of evangelicals in the country, they have required external subsidy for publishing work. At the conference, we were challenged to consider doubling our publishing efforts over the next nine years and to help a number of new countries get their publishing efforts started for the first time. What a blessing to worship, dream and plan together.” by Dave Almack, National Director of CLC USA. Taken from his blog –

An Unusual Christmas Celebration

“The Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) is a very big bank in India. We [ELS India] have an account with them in a fairly major branch in Purasawalkam. Just before Christmas, the staff at the Purasawalkam branch wanted to have a Christmas celebration even though they are all, with just three or four exceptions, Hindus.They approached me and asked if I would conduct a Christmas function in the bank, during which time business would go on as usual. A lot of customers, including several VIP customers, were invited by the bank for the occasion and the IOB’s General Manager, a Hindu from the north of India, came from the bank’s regional office. Including staff and customers, there were about 250 people present.Rita and I went there together with four of our young men on the team who between them can sing and play the guitar and keyboard. We sang for a while then I shared the Christmas message. Then, as I was invited to, I had the opportunity to pray for the staff. The whole event seemed to be much appreciated by the bank officials and everyone else who gathered there.Surprisingly, the next day, the news of this event was included in a leading newspaper in India (in Tamil) complete with a photo. This paper has circulation throughout the country in different languages, including a digital version, which is read all over the world. A customer from Hyderabad called me and said he saw the news in his own language!This has really given some good publicity to ELS since the name ‘Evangelical Literature Service” is clearly mentioned in the news.”